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Inquiry - Become a partner

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Aqipa works with retailers, dealers and other institutions in Europe and Australia. We seek to establish exclusive arrangements with our partners to offer our full range of services and realise the best growth opportunities for the brand. Aqipa is active in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland (through an affiliated partner), Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, UK, Australia and Nordics. Other countries (especially Eastern Europe) are covered by other sub-distribution partners. Aqipa is a premium value-added distributor and growth accelerator. We are ideally positioned to support ambitious brands with an exciting product portfolio and the right market fit in their pan-European growth. In doing so, we work closely with our partners, jointly agree on target markets and investments and, as a pan-European partner with e-commerce expertise, facilitate a holistic and strategic way to conquer the European market. To familiarise yourself with our international expertise, read our country-specific market analyses here --> View now

Partners such as yourself are assigned an expert from the Brand Operations Management Team (BOM) to take care of all your needs (distribution, promotions, launch of new products, etc.) and act as representative of your brand at Aqipa. If you are not sure who your person is at Aqipa, simply contact our Brand Operations Management Team here.

We are looking for brands in Gaming, Premium Audio, Office Communication, E-Mobility, Home Appliances and Action Gear. --> Become a partner now