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Simple. Online. Orders.

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To effortlessly place bulk orders in the Aqipa Store, just click on this symbol: next to the shopping cart and select the "ORDER FORM" button. In the keyword search, enter the desired search term and click on the green  "SEARCH" button. Alternatively, you can also search for article number, EAN, material number or KDMAT - simply click in the box next to the appropriate terms. 

The products you are looking for will now appear. Enter the desired number and then click ENTER. Do this for all desired products and click on the green "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button. Your items are now in the shopping cart, and you can pay as usual.

You can also create your own form to have a better overview. To do this, simply select the option "CREATE FORM" under the keyword search and click on the "SEARCH" button . Your items should now be displayed. Select the products you want to have listed in your order form. As soon as all the desired products have been selected, click on the green "CREATE FORM" button . Now you will see your selected products and can continue as described above.