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B2B account features

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Q: Can I download product literature directly from the Aqipa site?

A:  Available documents can be freely downloaded under the menu item "DOWNLOADS" on the product detail page. Please note that not all products feature such documents.

 Q: Can I download product data in a compact format?

A: On each product page, you can find an icon labelled "DATASHEET". Click on it to automatically download a PDF file is for a compact product overview.

Q: What exactly does the "Hide my price" function do?

A: This feature lets you hide your purchase price and instead shows the recommended retail price. This can put you at an advantage in sales price negotiations.

Q: Can I change my password?

A: Under "MY ACCOUNT", you can find the menu item "CHANGE PASSWORD". Simply click on it and update your password.

Q: Where can I find an overview of my orders?

A: Under "MY ACCOUNT", you can find an overview of your past and current orders.